class museotoolbox.stats.Moran(in_image, in_image_mask=False, lag=1, weights=False)[source]

Compute Moran’s I for raster.

  • in_image (str.) – A filename or path of a raster file. It could be any file that GDAL can open.

  • lag (int, optional (default=1)) – The distance from the cell.

  • weights (False or array-like, optional (default=False)) – Weights with the same shape as the square size.


__init__(in_image[, in_image_mask, lag, weights])

Compute Moran’s I for raster.

get_n_neighbors(array, footprint, weights)

Get number of neighbors according to your array and to a footprint.

Examples using museotoolbox.stats.Moran